The sprite in the woods

Today was a day for a long walk in the woods. Worries forgotten, I passed a tree that was in spring bud. It smelled green and fresh. Cheered to find spring so early in January, I walked on. In front of me a tree in full leaf. The leaves were richly and deeply green, filled with the fragrance of sun and dancing dust motes.

one-soars.jpgI half knew what would come next. And there it was–a tree, idling in a tower of wind. Its leaves were words, and it was shedding them. As I reached to read them, a butterfly wobbled above my head. His colors were rich and warm, and I thought I heard him speak. I reached up, but discoverd that a woodsprite had spoken. Laughing, she hurried off, leaving me feeling comfortable in such a place of magic.

The full-sized image of this collage is in the Murmuring Woods.

–Inkspirit is exploring the woods to see what is to be found. Let her know what you have seen and heard.