Because we belive in them, they are real to us. A talisman can make us strong, help us gain certainty, help us move ahead with plans. I have several, and I wear them when I need them. Are they magic? Well, in a certain sense they are. When I need to give up cynicism, and be ready for dreams to guide me, I always bring in Raven Woman.

Wearing a talisman helps you focus on what the talisman is about and brings those thoughts to the forefront. That helps you concentrate on what you need to accomplish, and Voila! Magic.

But I choose my magic carefully, and often have to resort having the right piece made. Some time ago, while doing research for something else (isn’t that always the way it happens?) I came across the word abracadabra. You know, the one you’ve know since childhood as a magic word.

It turns our that it is, indeed a magic word. There is one story about its use as a cure for illness, but I found another meaning, far more magical to someone who makes a living with words.

It seems that the phrase was used in the origination myth. The Semitic Aramaic phrase, avra kehadabra, means, “I will create as I speak.” In the origination myth (the Aramiac translation), it was used when Spirit divided the light from darkness. Spirit created day and night as s/he spoke it. It has a second meaning, one of trust. “I will create as a I speak” is a promise to do what is said, to carry through.

I was taken with the idea of creation and trust both being attributes of writers. I designed a talisman. A jeweler completed it for me. The word “Abracadabra” is written around the silver ring, and the gold bail has what seems to be a flame on it.

The flame represent the fire of creation, but it also resembles the letter “shin.” Shin is the first letter in one of the names of the Almighty (Shaddai), in the word Peace (Shalom) and in the word Listen (Sh’ma). All interesting in their relationship. All magic words in their own right.

It seems great as a talisman for writers, and all those who create meaning with words. The completed piece is below.

abracadabra talisman