Sunrise on Art

After almost a month of working on taxes, I have the big spreadsheet completed. That means it’s ready to go to the CPA who will compile it all into a neat book of taxes.

butterfly1.jpgIt also means today is an art date. Art dates, which I learned about from Julia Cameron’s book, The Artists Way, is a time you feed your head, heart and soul on art or artistic trips. You stay out of the studio, and enjoy what feeds your spirit.

There is a Joseph Cornell exhibit at the American Art Museum and I’m off to take it in. Cornell was the father of American collage and assemblage, and the exhibit includes his poetry and some film clips.

Should the exhibit pique my interst in more art, the Sackler has a great exhibit of 13th century tea bowls. Beautiful, intricate work. And, if I’m still not finished with art, there is a dim-sum restaurant not far from the exhibits. I’m off!

5 thoughts on “Sunrise on Art

  1. I think one of the best deals in the Artist’s Way is those artists dates. That reminds me to post another way of doing an Artist Date. If I forget will someone remind me of the day when you just head off and go where the mood takes you.

  2. I just started reading The Artist’s Way. I’m looking forward to my first art date (although I must admit I’ve been having quite a few of them before reading the book, just to treat myself as my back heals).

    I’ve been craving dim sum. Did you go? How was it?

  3. artists dates and joseph cornell all in one day… how special. cornell was amazing, outrageous and an absolute genius. i love the intricacies of his work. a bit of a nutbar, but aren’t we all??
    i’m on a bit of an art date myself today… lots of photography, a trip to a new art supply shop to “fill up” and then home after to expend some of the creative inspiration that is filling my head.

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