Cover girl at last


About a year ago, I decided to give up my work a a jewelry designer and return to my roots as a paper-maker. I had made paper before, and found it deeply satisfying. Now I began to use other people’s papers as well, making notecards, bowls and journal covers. When I noticed that The Crafts Report had an issue geared to paper artists coming up, I followed up on the call for entries and sent in my pictures and summary for their “Insights” section.

An editor sent me an email and said the image of my bowls might make the cover. I held my breath. Jessica Marcotte took amazing pictures of the bowls, and I wanted it for her as much as for myself.

Then I got the news: the images would be on the April, 2007 cover. After years of trying new ideas, making bowls that worked and those that didn’t, finally, I made the cover of a national magazine.

Crafts Report, April 2007 Big grin. Happy heart. Here it is, and next to it, the inside half-page about the bowls. I didn’t even mind that the image was flopped on the cover. If you want to read the copy on the smaller image (on the right), click on the photo to see a larger, readable size.


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