Creative Resources

Sometimes, instead of doing creative work, I read other blogs and get caught up in their links. I’m surprised at how often I find fascinating sites, information, resources and inspiration. Today, I’m passing some of them along to you. Saves time and maybe gets you back into the studio!

Peter Harbeson, uber-geek (I mean that in a nice way) and  amazing Web searcher sent this one, Bibliodyssey.  It’s a site filled with beautiful illustrations from obscure books. As Peter said, “there are a lot of books about websites, here is a website about books.”  The coat of arms from the site is on the left. Seems appropriate it contains a raven.  Whether you love altering books, or looking at them, check out Bibliodyssey’s  Spirit Books series. Amazing.

89536095_09c71aa3b0.jpgNever know when you need a Latin phrase, do you?  Quidquid latine dictum sit, altum videtur. (Whatever you say in Latin sounds profound.)

Illustration Friday is a weekly outlet for artists. Collage, photographs, art of any kind is encouraged. Each week there is a new topic; each week you can post a 50-pixel square image that suits the topic. No judging, just lots of ideas and fun.

Want to create a collage without paste, paper or leaving the computer? The National Gallery of Art collage generator lets you do just that. You can save and share your creations, too. Try both versions, they are fun.

Humanetrics helps you decide if you are a business entrepreneur. Choose from among craftsman,  home business entrepreneur, business leader, and freelancer. Interesting reading.

If you are old enough to remember the scary 1970s, you may remember it was the early years of Weight Watchers and some very funny recipe cards. You won’t want to make any of these, but you’ll laugh through lunch and lose weight.

–Quinn McDonald is a certified creativity coach. She is also a writer and artist. See her notecards and handmade paper bowls at  (c) 2007 Quinn McDonald. All rights reserved.