I surf so you don’t have to. . .

There are now 100 million websites, and almost as many blogs. You can’t see them all, and shouldn’t try. Most are not worth exhaling over. But there are some that you shouldn’t miss, either.

I’ve scoured Blog-dom so you don’t have to. Site not to miss:

Paul Lagasse’s interesting, fast read, “Thoreau and the Economics of Adjectives and Adverbs.” You don’t have to be a writer to appreciate it. If you are a writer, it’s a must-read. Link: http://www.avwrites.com/wordpress/?p=20rollabind journal

Paul and I share a love of rollabind disks–the circles that hold together journals while allowing for pages to be removed, replaced and repositioned. You can see my journal here (yes, that’s a real library pocket, I amassed a boxful from a bookseller) and Paul’s idea for storing the disks easily in Rollabind disk dispenser. It is a thing of beauty.

If you are a map lover, or a Jack Kerouac fan, check out Kerouac’s trip across the US on this map blog. There are many different maps on different subjects.

There is an architect who takes some incredible building and nature photographs. His blog, Bldg Blog is about environmental and urban building issues, but the photos are worth the trip.

Want to build your own website (or customize your blog?) but don’t know HTML? Don’t fret, Create It 101 will give you a fast, understandable crash course in HTML.

Photoshop(TM) can be used to create your own rubber-stamp images, or you can buy a CD of them to use yourself. Same for fabrics and paper images. Cre8it! has an occasional newsletter, too.

–Quinn McDonald is a writer and artist. See her work at QuinnCreative.com

3 thoughts on “I surf so you don’t have to. . .

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  2. Thanks, Quinn, for that first link to Active Voice. Having little formal education, I need all the hints and tips I can get when it comes to writing.

    I might have to look into the rollabind journals after reading about them a few times here. You make the sound attractive as well as practical.

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