Weird Stats Journal Prompts

Tired of normal journal prompts? Want something different? Here you are–odd statistics that lead to interesting journal entries. You supply the imagination, shock your journal!

–Percentage of those who leave their spouses that then go on to marry the person they were having an affair with : 10.       [Source:]

–Your chances of dying by getting struck by lightning in any given year (statistics from 2001-2010) is 1 in 775,000.  Your lifetime odds of getting struck by lightning and dying are much smaller: 10,000. [Source:LighningSafety.Noaa]

–If you roll two dice the probability of rolling a combination that results in the sum of 5  is 1 in 9. [Source:] 

— If you combine those Christians who think torture is either never or only rarely acceptable, you have 42 percent of Catholics and 49 percent of white Protestants. The comparable statistic of those who are described as “secular,” which I presume means agnostic or atheist, is 57 percent opposition. In other words, if you are an American Christian, you are more likely to support torture than if you are an atheist or agnostic. [Source: Bellum et Mores]

–For every human born, there are 7 cats and dogs born. One female cat and her offspring can produce 420,000 cats in 7 years; one female dog and her offspring can produce 67,000 dogs in 6 years.  [Source:]

–The fastest insect is the dragonfly, which can buzz around at 36 mph. Lucky for the dragonfly, it is not the meal of choice for the peregrine falcon, which can dive at speeds up to 200 mph. The peregrine falcon likes to eat pigeons. The peregrine is the only bird that catches its prey in mid-air. To avoid breaking its legs at that 200 mph impact, the peregrine catches pigeons in mid-flap. Now that’s eye-talon coordination.  [Source:]

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