Make Your Own Journal

Yesterday I posted the front of a journal I use. The instructions could also be modified for collage background. Here is the inside of that journal.

inside journal To complete the inside, I covered the front inside cover with a paper marbled in blue and brown inks. For the back inside cover, I used sheet music, a page from a Chinese book, and a page from a Russian fairy tale book. Letterforms are beautiful in their own right, and deserve to be considered art.

To finish it, punch both sides with a Rollabind punch, and use the color and size rings of your choice. Black small rings (one size up from tiny) seemed right for this journal. Be careful when you punch the covers. Make sure you put them into the punch correctly. The front cover should have the outside facing up when you punch it. The back cover should have the side facing the pages (inside) facing up. That way they will match and the journal will be even.

The journal is finished with two pockets from real library books. The books I chose were titles that went well with my journal–“The Great American Myth,” and “Lands of the Dawning Morrow.” I’ve left the original sign-out cards in them, but I can also use the pockets to store tickets, blank index cards, or other small cards.

–Quinn McDonald is an artist, journaling teacher, and certified creativity coach. See her work at

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