Online Journal-Writing Class Starts May 14.07

NOTE: The Class is running May 14-28.
It will run in-person on June 10, 2007 in Alexandria VA.
It will also run again an an online class. If you want to be contacted for the next class, please send an email to the address at the bottom of this post.
Thanks –Q

Interested in writing in a journal, but don’t have the time?
Here’s the perfect course for you–One-Take Journaling, an online course that encourages you to write just one sentence a day–two, if you are ambitious.

Who should take it?
People who are too busy but want to keep a journal anyway.
People who already keep a journal but want to try something new.
People who have never kept a journal and don’t know if they want to expend the effort.

Why you should take it.
To learn how to keep a regular journal through short but meaningful entries.
To get the benefits of keeping a journal.

What does the course cover?
Why keeping a journal is important to you, your plans, your future.
How to keep a journal with a sentence or two a day.
Exercises in awareness, deep writing, and all-senses writing.
Worksheets to help you write a meaningful sentence a day.
How to review your journal entries to create meaning.

How much does it cost?
$65.00 US. I accept credit cards, money orders, and checks.

How long is the course?
Three weeks, one lesson a week. Starts May 14, 2007.
You will be asked to join a Yahoo group to share information
(You will be sent an invitation to join before the class starts.)

On Monday, May 14, I’ll post a lesson to the Yahoo Group.
You’ll have a chance to respond by Thursday by noon.
On Saturday, you will receive comments on your responses.
On the following Monday, a new lesson will be posted to the Yahoo Group.
Discussion is encouraged during the week.

How do I sign up, ask questions, get more information?
Contact me at QuinnCreative (at) yahoo (dot) com
Do not send your credit card information in the email.