Journal Page, May17.07

You catch a phrase you like. . .maybe not enough to work with it, but you want to remember it. When I found this quote, I knew I’d forget it. So I gave myself 10 minutes to put it in a format I’d remember. It didn’t have to be perfect, just expressive. The idea was to make it unplanned, and accept what came out.wildgeese.jpg

–Quinn McDonald is an artist who teaches journal-keeping. See her website at 

2 thoughts on “Journal Page, May17.07

  1. Hello Quinn!
    I found your blog by following a wabi sabi trail on line!
    I can tell I need to put everything you have written into “favorites”…so I can come back and read it more carefully…(I guess I’m afraid I will “loose” “you”, just as you had to quickly make an art journal page for the quote you might have been about to loose!)
    For now I will put a link to you on my blog…then I can always come and visit!
    I have a main blog, and three others because I post my paintings on one, quilts on another and collages and art dolls on the third.

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