We live in a big country and one coast looks nothing like the other. On the East side, we are heading into that time of the year when it’s like living in a dog’s mouth. The humidity rises, the haze settles in. But all that humidity has the advantage of turning our world green.

Below is the run close to my house last winter. And on the right is the same run five months later, with the humidity turning vines and trees green. Holmes Run, SummerHolmes Run, Winter

Below is a front yard in

Phoenix, taken at the same times. Winter is on the left, summer on the right.






front yard PHXThe joke about Phoenix is that it’s hot, but “it’s a dry heat.”But there is a huge difference when thePhoenix front yard2 humidity is low. You can breathe. Sweat works–you perspire and it evaporates, cooling you. Dry heat makes a great museum setting–things don’t rot. OK, they fade, but there are many days I’ll trade that high humidity for the dry heat from a pizza oven.

–Quinn McDonald is a certified creativity coach and artist. See her work at

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