Scenery Cards

sun scenery cardscenery card, McDonaldCardmaking is a deep peace activity. These new ones follow an earlier design–scenery hinted at rather than illustrated. The cards are heavy watercolor paper, and moving the light changes the scenery dramatically.

I use heavy watercolor paper for the cards. 400-pound, cold press is what I used, but hot press would work just at well. Cold press gives a look of snow. Hot press is smoother. I like long, tall cards, so I use the Arches paper folded the long

scenery card, McDonald

way. I fold it into thirds, in a fan shape. I then trim the paper sharply, using a box cutter. I don’t draw the line, I cut a wave shape, making sure I start at the end that will be the back and cutting down at a steep angle until the front piece has just a little tab left.

The piece you cut off is also a card–that’s one on the top, right. Using colored paper (try some in just white–every elegant!) or snippets you watercolor, cut long, slim strips in different shapes. Use them as sky, mountains, and rivers. Overlap them to create texture and interest. I cut a circle that can be the sun or moon.

These cards are lovely and easy to make. Enjoy!

—Quinn McDonald is a writer, creativity coach and artist. See her work at

3 thoughts on “Scenery Cards

  1. ooh, those look like they were great fun to make, and how much fun someone you care for would have opening them and then playing with them in various light conditions! (I’d include a little tag telling them to move the card around the house and see how the light changes the scenery as the day progresses..) What a great way to include a bit of scenery in a cubicle office..
    Thanks for sharing this, Quinn!

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