In a (Light) Flash

It’s Friday again and I’m still alive.  And had a flash of instant karma.

A week ago, I narrowly missed being mechanically separated from my motorcycle by a driver who ran a red light while yakking on the cell phone. Tonight, I was riding the bike again, and once more, stopped at a light. Different light. In the city.

I was first at the light with my visor up, so I could breathe. It’s summer an that means the air feels like you are living in a dog’s mouth. I checked my rear view mirror (you want to know what’s going to honk when the light turns green). Right behind me was a police car. Makes me nervous.police lights

The light turned green and I pulled the visor down and checked the intersection. Sure enough, from my left came a car that showed no sign of stopping. Yes, he was on the phone. I waited for him to clear the intersection and was about to roll forward when I was washed in blue and red flashing lights and blinking headlights. I thought I was going to wet my leather seat. But the police car pulled out from behind me, and made a sharp right turn. The light running phone yakker was pulled over in half a block.

Makes a person feel good to drive by and wave.

–Quinn McDonald is a writer and motorcycle rider. You can see her work at   Image:

2 thoughts on “In a (Light) Flash

  1. This one wasn’t even close, so it wasn’t scary like last time. People run lights at “yellow and a half” all the time. I’ve learned to look first. But the glory was having that police car light up like a carnival ride and nail the guy. The fact he was yakking on the phone made it all the more satisfying. And yes, if I’d been stopped for something, I’d be grumpy.

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