Phone Spam

Get ready. Your phone is not your own. I got my first text message spam yesterday. It was one of the cheap-pharmaceutical kind, for Viagra. When you own your business, you publish your phone number. When you publish your phone number, it’s hard to keep it private. But I never expected that. Verizon, my phone provider, is, of course no help at all. I’ve seldom seen a company with worse customer service.

There is no way to block numbers on my cell phone. All I can do is erase the message–that I paid for. That’s the killer. I have to pay for incoming text messages, and I’m sure this was just the first.

I can’t hide my business number, but I may have to invent a way to post it that doesn’t let web spiders pick it up. Maybe putting the area code behind the number. Anyone else have a good idea? I’m not looking forward to sifting through messages and paying for spam.

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