Creative Playtime

Time to bring out your sketches, your photographs, your cool journal pages and give them away. No, no, not get rid of them, distribute them to friends. Flickr, the photo-file people, developed MOO cards. They are the size of a business card, and you can create a pack of 100 for less than 4 gallons of American gasoline [price today, 6/12/07, $3.10/gallon]. MOO cards last a lot longer, and are far more fun to share. You can use many of your pictures, but just one back per set. Details on MOO cards are here. Check out the pictures, too!

If you haven’t got a stash of your artwork at hand, book a playdate with Art Unraveled in Phoenix, AZ, August 6-12. Don’t worry about the heat in Arizona in August, all the classes are in a hotel. At this amazing retreat, there are scheduled art classes, make-and-take rooms, late night project rooms and an Art Unraveled Store in the hotel.

Preview some of the talent that’s teaching: digital and fine artsit Sas Colby, outsider artist Katie Kendrick, and book artist Dorit Elisha. There must be 30 teachers giving courses during that time.

Art and Soul retreats were in Hampton, VA and Pienza, Italy in May,  but you still have time to catch the October retreat in Portland, Oregon. Collage artist Claudine Hellmuth will be there. If you can’t be there, stop by the website of Dan Essig and check out his amazing books. He does Ethiopian Coptic bindings of such complexity, they’ll take your breath away.

–Quinn McDonald is a writer, certified creativity coach and journal-writing teacher. See her work at 

3 thoughts on “Creative Playtime

  1. Have you seen the variety of things Avery has now to print by yourself? Everything from note cards to greeting cards to business cards — they sell the card stock cut and scored and you provide the content.

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