Journaling Courses: Perfectionist, Wabi-Sabi

The course is just about two weeks away and there will be no walk-in registration. (Because I have to confirm number of people 1 week in advance).

Both courses are being held in Alexandria, VA, in a hotel function room in the Landmark area.

3journals Time to sign up now for Journaling for Perfectionist (no pressure to change, just a chance to explore where perfectionism is taking you) and Wabi-Sabi–a Japanese esthetic that can simplify your life.

You get a great chance to experience journal writing and creativity coaching.

JULY 8, 2007 (Sunday) 2 pm to 5 pm
Journaling For Perfectionists

Why do perfectionists start a hundred journals, but never fill a single one? Negative self-talk, guilt, and procrastination are three of the most popular reasons. If you want to keep a journal but haven’t been successful, you’ll enjoy this course. Get the benefits of creativity coaching while you start that journal you’ll finally fill up! $65. Details and registration at: or 703-307-2106

JULY 15, 2007 (Sunday) 2 pm to 5pm
Wabi-Sabi Journaling

Wabi-Sabi is a Japanese esthetic that honors the old, the worn, and the incomplete. Move that concept from art into your life. Simplify your mental environment and your journal-writing. Release control and stress to discover a life filled with meaning. Combine the benefits of creativity coaching with journal writing. $65. Details and registration at or 703-307-2106