The Maps to Lemuria

Parts of this blog link to the imaginary world of Lemuria, Australia’s equivalent of Atlantis. It was once believed to exist, and there are old maps. Now, Lemuria is alive and vibrant with writers and artists who blog in verse, in images, in stories. Today’s artistic challenge was to create two collages about Lemuria in half an hour. The top one is a map of the world showing Lemuria. The words in the rose-colored block say


“Compassion in the Buddha heart burst open like a rose.” The strip of copy underneath says, “dignity, power, respect, loss, healing and solace.”




4 thoughts on “The Maps to Lemuria

  1. Chefleur:
    Actually, I love that image a lot better than what I wrote!

    Heather–You are always welcome to add to the Bumper Catalog of Creativity!

    Jan–they do seem to be accurate for Lemuria, huh?

  2. I misread your intro – thought you wrote “writers who blog the universe..” kinda like that image! Your maps are beautiful.

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