Raven ATCs

As part of an Artist Trading Card (ATC) challenge, we were asked to create four cards on the theme of ‘raven.’ I wanted to combine words with images, as words are part of my life. I also wanted to avoid literal interpretations or illustrations of ravens. Using mythology and dreams seemed a good way to create individual art pieces. The one on the lower left reads, “memory of a raven.”

raven ATCs

–Quinn McDonald is an artist and writer, and teaches writing and journaling. (c) QuinnCreative 2007. All rights reserved.

12 thoughts on “Raven ATCs

  1. Quinn,
    Nicely done. I love your collage technique which lends itself to such abstract beauty
    and the words are the crowning touch. Perhaps I’ll find one of your cards in my Raven mail. That would be cool.

  2. Pete–I’ll send you more information offline, so you’ll know what it’s about. This was a closed challenge (limited) for people in my community blogging group in Lemuria (see dailywriting.net for what Lemuria is about.)

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