What to do With Your Blog

Note: if  you want to start a blog,  you may enjoy, “8 Blog Tips for Beginners,” posted earlier in this blog.

Clients keep telling me they don’t know what blogs are for, “except advertising, and keeping up with celebrities.” Actually, I hadn’t thought of those two uses.

Here’s what blogs are good for:

1. A new, improved website. If you have a static website, a page or so just to have a presence on the internet, great. You don’t need a blog. But if your material changes often, a blog site is better than a website. Particularly if you aren’t a web programmer. A blog is more easily searched and sends out keywords to search engines better than most sites.

2. A daily writing practice. If you are a writer, you need to practice. Every day. A blog is perfect for that. You can commit to a certain amount of words or a certain topic, then tag topics and add to it daily. Password protect it if you don’t feel like sharing it with the world.

3. To get your ideas into the world. Despite the fact that I just said you could password protect your blog, I wouldn’t post any ideas on my blog I wouldn’t want to have read to a jury. There is a deadly irony that the people who wish their blogs would be published don’t always get an audience, but blogs are out there, and should be treated as public.

4. To develop ideas. Daily writing is a way to brainstorm with yourself. Join a community of like-minded bloggers, and you can brainstorm with others. One idea bouncing of a dozen people leads to many more good ideas.

5. A different way to think. Read other people’s blogs. See if you agree with them. Maybe you like a part of another blog, or none of it. Think it over. What is it you can agree with? What do you not agree with? Reading and thinknig are always good ways to spend time.

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