Different Teachers, Different Styles

Part of the joy of going to an art retreat is experiencing the different techniques taught by different teachers. The only thing the classes I took had in common were a need for speed. Each teacher thought it was important not to over-think technique. Consequently, we were given one minute, sometimes less, to accomplish a piece.

Life designIn the design class, the final exercise was to completely cover a given background, using one color family as a main color and another as an accent. We had to start from the middle and work out. We had three minutes to complete the piece, and that included ripping out pages from a magazine.

The class was a buzz of ripping and cutting, then silence as glue was applied before the buzzer sounded.

The other was a hand-lettering class, in which we kept working on two pages of our journals. We did a background, overpaint,journal page wipeoff, lettering, push and pull exercise. All on one page. The teacher kept telling us we should be finished already, then she’d race on to the next instruction.

I enjoyed both classes. And I don’t need to identify which image fits which class.

–Quinn McDonald is an artist and writer. She just returned from Art Unraveled, an art retreat in Phoenix, AZ. (c) 2007 All rights reserved.

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