Suitcase cats

When I left DC to move to Phoenix, I left my three cats behind with my husband. Luckily, the place I’m staying has another two. They have decided to like me–they sleep on my bed and want to be scratched, often and thoroughly. suitcasecats.jpg

When I came back from running a seminar in DC, both of them immediately climbed into my unpacked suitcase and made themselves at home.

I’m back home, happily brushing cat hair from my clothing!

—Quinn McDonald runs seminars and trainings on business communications. She seems to collect cats in her suitcase. (c) 2007 All rights reserved.

3 thoughts on “Suitcase cats

  1. Aren’t we always suspicious of people who are just a little too immaculate to be free of some kind of animal hair?
    No cats in this house, but two goldens who can shed enough hair in varieties of texture to convince anyone that we own a kennel!
    I’m glad you have some furbabies to snuggle while you wait for your family to join you: I pine for mine when I’m away much longer than a day!

  2. Glad to know someone else’s outfits aren’t complete without cat hair. Our three feel the need to shed on me every time I dress up for a show!

    —-These 2 are very cute. My own 3 come in just enough colors to mess up EVERY outfit I own. -Q

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