Flying across country always amazes me. The ground below is mountain-wrinkled and green in the East, or mountain-wrinkled and brown in the West. There are rivers that wind through woods and dry rivers that look like roads in the West.

circle farmsCircle farms have an irrigation spigot on an arm that moves in a circle for maximum water coverage and distribution. They look like a geometry problem from 40,000 feet.

Incredible to watch, however, are clouds. In this flight, there was a big ice storm moving through the country’s midsection. We flew over the bottom edge of the storm. First there were mathematically neat rows of clouds.cloudfarming.jpg

cloud pileThen, as we flew over the tail end of the Rockies, we bumped through a mix of clouds of every shape and form.

What did it mean for the weather on the ground. The mix of clouds brought something not often seen in Phoenix–a downpour and hail, enough to make people come out of stores and test it for slipperiness in walking.

—Circle farm imge: All other images: Quinn McDonald
–Quinn McDonald is a seminar leader, trainer and creativity coach. She takes cloud pictures on cross-country flights, with both an iPhone and a new Sony digital camera. (c) All rights reserved, 2007.