Links for Making Life Easy (or fun)

Let’s start off my clearing out junk

Get rid of unwanted Direct Mail (and save some trees.)

Stop unwanted catalogs. This site requires that you know the name of the catalog (or company), but it is incredibly detailed, so you can get rid of only the ones you don’t like.

Own a pair of ultra-cool Christian Louboutin shoes–the ones with the red sole? Of course, you can’t stand the idea of the red sole wearing off–those shoes would look like the rest of  us in the common ruck wear. Arty’s Shoes in Manhattan will replace the sole in a nice bright red for $40. Call Arty’s at 212-255-1451.

The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics discovered some lipsticks contain lead. Lots of hype and fear. Before you stop wearing lipstick, the study discovered that the lead was more than the FDC allows in candy, and even if you believe that you ingest four pounds of lipstick in your life (a common rule of thumb), that isn’t enough to cause serious worry.

Stop worrying and make a virtual snowflake with virtual scissors and paper.

This isn’t new, but I love it every time I see it. Some people created catwalks in their house–for their cats. The playground include ramps, cutouts and some beautiful work, whether or not a cat is using it as a walkway.


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