Happy Birthday Blog

Last year, Heather Blakey asked me if I’d like to contribute to a blog on daily writing. I’m busy, and I hate to commit to things I won’t fulfill, but I loved the idea. Heather runs the Soul Food Cafe, an imaginary place in Lemuria (the equivalent of Atlantis), and a daily writing practice seemed liked just the thing to keep my skills going.

“You have to start your own blog,” Heather said. Ugh. Sounded like work. It was, for about 30 minutes it took to set it up. Yes, there are days I struggle to say something meaningful. And now, 310 posts and 365 days later, a year has passed. I’ve met people through the comments section, I’ve discovered other people’s blogs, I’ve come to share a community with people I don’t know.

birthday cupcakeIt has made the time easier. There are many days a writer feels helpless and sad, knowing what’s going on in the world and knowing there is nothing that can stop the progress of envy, greed, anger. We can witness it, we can do what is in front of us to do, we can create a bit of cheer. And that is enough.

Thanks to all of you who read (more than 37,000, not counting the other blog I abandoned because WordPress works better) and left comments, who made me think, who pushed my buttons in every way. Thanks especially to you, Heather, for giving me a push that made me a better writer and a better informed person.

I’m raising a glass to all of you and will keep writing. There is stuff to be said.

–Quinn McDonald is a certified creativity coach and training developer. See her work at QuinnCreative.com Image: (c) 2007 All rights reserved.