Rambutan: Who knew?

Rambutans look like lychees (or litchees) with spiked hair. The spikes are soft and red, adding a whole new dimension to the fruit. I’ve eaten them fresh in Singapore, but here in the States, the canned ones are easier to find.

freeze dried rambutanUntil last week, when I found them freeze dried at Trader Joe’s. I had to buy a bag. It takes a while to break into the bag, because freeze dried items are crispy from lack of humidity.

Now, rambutans are juicy and lightly sweet and a bit tart. So I wasn’t sure how I’d like a crispy one. But the taste is amazingly rambutan-like, and the texture is extremely satisfying.

Don’t know if I’d put them in my cereal, but eating them out of the bag is a treat not to be missed!

===Quinn McDonald is a certified creativity coach married to a personal chef. As soon as the house sells in Virginia, they can continue their lives together.  See her work at QuinnCreative.com