“She”, a Slow Art Monotype

A monotype is a form of slow art. Each monotype is unique–there are no multiples, no print runs. There is just one.

Printing ink is applied to a plexiglass sheet and then marked or incised to create an image. The plate is place face up on the bed of a rolling press. A piece of heavy print paper (in this case, Arches) is put over the print and sheets of felt are laid over the paper. A rolling press applies pressure to complete the print. Since most of the ink is pressed onto the paper, each one is unique.

Below, “She” in purple, red, and gray. 5-inch x 7-inch image on 11 x 15 sheet.

There are two more prints in this series. See them at QuinnCreative.com (c) Quinn McDonald. All rights reserved

Monotype, “She” by Quinn McDonald

3 thoughts on ““She”, a Slow Art Monotype

  1. It’s me again. Just wanted to tell you that I loved the other images, too. Can’t quite make up my mind which I like the best out of “Orbit” and “Triad”… I think “Triad.” Out of all three, “She” is my favorite.


    =====> Thanks, Vi. For years, I never did artwork with people’s faces in it. It just didn’t capture my attention. Now, I’m really loving that aspect. Of course, I’ve immediately thought of ways I could have improved on all of them. But that’s the joy of monotypes–you get one image, and that’s the one! -Q

  2. Quinn, love this! It’s outstanding! Very dramatic.

    ====> Thanks, Genece. I’m laughing at myself. I’m such a monochromatic palette person. But then I did these monotypes and thought, “Hmmm, I’m tired of browns and blacks.” Yeah, but red and purple is a faaaaar step! –Q

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