Tea Joy

In these wonderful spring days in the Sonoran desert, the days are warm and the nights cool. And on cool nights, I like to drink tea. Jasmine-touched green tea is wonderful, as is white tea (Snow Leopard) which is even richer in anti-oxidants. And, of course, my favorite–masala chai. The syrup-sweet concoction you get at most premium coffee places isn’t really chai. I don’t like the amount of sugar (or sugar-substitute) they put into it–it’s far too cloying.

Masala chai has the spices of India in it–cardamom, cinnmon, ginger, and a sprinkling of black pepper. The pepper gives it a deep aroma, and there is nothing better when the evening has a nip than to prepare a cup of chai and dunk a biscotti into it. (And yes, I do have a recipe for chocolate and black pepper biscotti. What can I say, I love the mix of pepper and sweet).

borosolicate tea glassBut making tea can be a bit difficult, if you are only drinking one cup at a time and don’t usually use tea bags. And then the place I buy my coffee had the answer–and one of those answers I like–not too expensive and pure luxe!

Peets coffee and tea emporium has a lovely, rounded borosilicate tea glass. It comes with an infuser. The clever device has a broad top that closes off the class, so you are not losing heat while the tea is steeping. Remove the lid and you have a place to put the infuser. Ah, but the best is yet to come.

The glass is double-walled, providing not only a thing of beauty but cool hands. Borosilicatedouble-walled glass glass is light and dense, so the double-walled glass is lighter than a regular glass, and remains cool to the touch even when your tea is hot. There is another benefit–it’s tough, so it doesn’t scratch easily or etch in the dishwasher.

Now those cool-enough-for-tea evenings have a satisfying ritual of tea making. And when the weather gets too hot for tea, well, that double-walled glass will hold ice chai just as well.

–Quinn McDonald is a writer and a certified creativity coach and tea drinker. She was a coffee drinker first, and still loves coffee for breakfast. See her creative work at QuinnCreative.com  Images from Peets website. (c) 2008 All rights reserved.