Snack attack

For the last three nights, I have had snack attacks late at night. After 10 p.m. No idea why, but I find myself peering into the pantry or fridge, hunting for the perfect nosh. Fresh blackberries? Nope. Mango? Nope. Snacks need to fall into the snack-food scope: salty, crunchy, sweet or chewy. Must be empty calories or it doesn’t count.

Here’s what’s tempted me successfully:

Peanut Butter filled pretzels. Satan invented these. They make a pleasant hollow sound, just to remind you that the peanut butter is encapsulated in some scary way. But they are crunchy, salty and sweet. 8 points on the late-night snackometer.

Pirate Booty. Yep, from Trader Joe’s. Crunchy, with a slight plastic aftertaste. Artificially cheezy and perfect. Odd mouthfeel of salt, and felty-cheese. 6 points on the late-night snackometer.

images.jpgBaked Snap Pea Crisps. Must be healthy for you–vegetables, right? These come in a metallized single-serving plastic bag. That means you can’t stop eating the.  Ignore the grease stains on your fingers. Absolute heaven in the crunch-salt-snap category. 10 points on the late-night snackometer.

Seedy little current cookies. Also from Trader Joe’s. An odd, plasticized-looking, slippery little cookie made of pressed seeds and currents.  For my money, they could have left out the peanuts and used hazelnuts instead. But it doesn’t slow me down much. 7 points on the late-night snackometer.

San Juan Cajeta. I discovered these at the Rancho Grande market. They are caramels, but pressed flat on obladen, an edible type of paper that keeps them from sticking to the wrapper and looks like a host. These caramels are made of goat milk and have a rich, creamy taste.  A definite 10 points.

What’s your latest snack attack?

5 thoughts on “Snack attack

  1. Two of my favorite snack items are open face broiled cheese on wholewheat toast that gets topped with strawberry jam (my mom used to forget the cheese under the broiler and the strawberry jam was to cover up the slight bit of burnt toast–sometimes I even let my toast get a bit too brown just to bring back that flavor; the second is popcorn with melted butter and fresh grated parmesan cheese on top.
    Barring that, anything Cadbury’s fresh from its wrapper works for me, or Russell Stover, or in a pinch some M&M peanuts..

  2. I think I know of those peanut-butter filled pretzels that you speak of. They are also TJ’s, come in salted and unsalted varieties, and are very evil! Sometimes I make my own by just dipping pretzels in almond butter. Pretzels/cheese dipped in mustard are also good.

    Smokehouse almonds, too. Sometimes downed with chocolate milk.

    ====> Yep, the peanut-butter filled pretzels are Trader Joe’s. They never go rancid, and I have a suspicion they don’t have a shelf-life, they have a half life. Your idea of dipping pretzels in almond butter sounds really, really good. I’ll have to add that to the list. Cheese in mustard is something I have to try! Yum! -Q

  3. Actually, I’m trying to get down to 75 kilos, and it’s exactly those snack attacks after supper that keep my weight up.

    As to my favorites, anything chocolate (I’m with you, Creativecrocheter), malted milk balls, and, for salty, something called Hokkaido Mix. They are (how’d you guess?) Japanese, made of rice flour, shaped like oblate spheroids (OK, pill-shaped), flavored in various ways. My favorites are the ones with a peanut in them, although the wasabi-flavored ones are also good.

    Pity they don’t have Reese’s peanut butter cups or English toffee bars here in Switzerland, but, hey, there is Swiss chocolate in all forms to compensate.

  4. Sorry, if it isn’t chocolate, I’m just not interested. 🙂

    Well, OK, last night it was whole grain toast with whole cherry fruit spread. Sounds healthy but tastes decadent.

    ===>That’s a LOT better than what I was nomming. OK, so I have chocolate with red chiles. But, hey, it’s DARK chocolate!

  5. Just found these in Annapolis: “Barnacles,” a can filled with Virginia peanuts, whale crackers, baked ziti pasta (!), and other stuff coated with Old Bay seasoning. On the salty scale, this one goes to 11.

    ===> I had to laugh. Of COURSE it had Old Bay in it! It’ made in Maryland! What are whale crackers? That’s not oyster crackers, is it? Sounds pretty tasty tonight, though. -Q

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