Mother’s Day Gift for Artist Mom

If your mom is an artist, or likes doodling, this gift will be just right for Mother’s Day. Buy (or make) a flower pot with an inspiring phrase on it. This one says “thrive,” which is great for both the plants and mom.

You’ll need:
Terra-cotta flower pot, about 4-inch diameter, with base
A 1-lb bag of rice or beans, in any color
A small piece of plastic wrap
Masking tape
Colored paper. I used Mei-teintes for color-fastness
5 Prismacolor pencils, unsharpened
5 pink pencil-top erasers

Gift for Mother\'s Day, Colored pencil flowerpotLine the pot with plastic wrap to keep the beans in the pot and not sliding out the drainage hole. Fill the pot with (uncooked) beans or rice. Beans are less messy. Pinto beans (as shown) give a nice variegated look.

Buy several colored pencils, watercolor pencils, pastel pencils–whatever Mom uses most. The picture shows Prismacolor pencils in various shades of green to make the stems more believable. Buy the pink pencil-top erasers you used in grade-school, too.

Put the erasers on the end of the pencil that doesn’t have the SKU barcode printed on it. Sink the end with the barcode into the pot, hiding it.

Cut pointy ovals from colored paper. I cut them freehand, they don’t need to be perfect. In fact, slightly different sizes and shapes give them a realistic look. If you are ambitious, cut out green ovals that are smaller and skinnier than the petal ovals.

Cut a strip of masking tape (about 3 inches) in half lengthwise. (It comes in different widths, but can easily be cut to fit) about the width of the eraser edge. Holding a leaf against the eraser, press the tape over it. Alternate colors, or, if you are using green for the sepals, alternate those. Keep the tape tight, but don’t overwork this. It takes a bit of patience, but it’s not hard.

Continue around the eraser till you have attached four or six petals. You can use any number, but simpler is better.

Repeat with all the other pencils and tuck pretty tissue around the pot, tuck in a box or bag.

–Image and tutorial by Quinn McDonald. Quinn is a certified creativity coach and artist. See her work at (c) 2008 All rights reserved.