Skyline: Swiss Alps

Sometimes I see a picture that makes by breath stop right where it is. My brother lives in Switzerland. The place he lives, Bern, is often overcast, misty, and cloudy. In the winter the fog that hangs over the city freezes, and while that is interesting, it makes for steely gray, cold days.

This photograph is not of one of those days, but of the days when three famous Alps line up, left to right: Eiger, Moench, and Jungfrau. My brother, H. Peter Clamann,  took the picture during a September sunset. Armed with a time table of when the sun set, he arrived early and waited for the right light. No Photoshop.

swiss alps, sunset

swiss alps, sunset

–Quinn McDonald is a writer and certified creativity coach, who is grateful to have a big brother who takes great pictures and remembers to share them. See Quinn’s work at

2 thoughts on “Skyline: Swiss Alps

  1. Superb photograph!

    I love those colours going up, from deep dark till very light and those lines that the mountains form.

    Was wondering if the French Impressionists ever painted the Swiss Alps?

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