Distant Storm

Storm clouds at sunset

Storm clouds at sunset

The odd thing about monsoon storms is you can often see them, but never experience them. Last night, a big one rolled through the area. My street got no rain, a bit of wind, but a spectacular view. About eight miles away, they got two inches of rain, winds up to 60 mph, and instant night.

People in two cars and a bus got trapped when a powerline ripped off the pole and fell sparking into the street.

Here’s the storm cloud view from my house.  The pink view, above, is the setting sun on storm clouds.

Below are the same clouds, but closer now. The yellow color is caused by both the dust in the clouds and the angle of the sun.

– (c) 2008 All rights reserved.  Quinn McDonald is a writer and certified creativity coach who works via phone with people all over the US. When storm clouds like this approach, she reschedules calls. See more about coaching and her work at QuinnCreative.com

Approaching storm

Approaching storm

5 thoughts on “Distant Storm

  1. I think that they look asome my name is nicolette nolan and i am 9 years old i think that you shoud get some more so you can have more click on to your stuff.

  2. Beautiful images Quinn. When the sky turns yellowish when storm clouds drift over,some tough weather is on it’s way.

  3. Those are amazing photos. I was looking at the sky last night and thinking that it seemed so calm and yet so pink. A pink sky typically indicates a serious storm. So while we weren’t hit with it in my area it was no surprise that it was serious elsewhere.

    Hope you keep the photos coming!


  4. Really wonderful colours in “Approaching Storm.” There is nothing better than watching a storm in the last moments of the days light from the comfort of your own home! Thanks for posting.


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