Creative Fun and Resources

Tired of reading the same old lines from poets who died a hundred years ago? Check out poems, a contemporary poetry site.

Information, support and guidance for creative writers (fiction and poetry).

Sharpen your wit, enter the Washington Post’s Style Invitational. Not for the timid or tired.

Optical illusions, different and interesting, a different one every day. Check out the list on the right for those interesting sidewalk art illusions.

The spinning silhouette--is she spinning clockwise or counter-clockwise? Squint long enough and she will swing to and fro.

A great tutorial on how to draw a face. It’s fun and no one is around to judge you.

Build a virtual kaleidoscope. Erase. Repeat.

–Quinn McDonald is a certified creativity coach and artist. She teaches journal-writing courses. See her work at (c) 2008 All rights reserved.