Moving Sale–Beads and Books

Packing up to move means that a lot of things get cleared out to keep the moving van light.

I’m selling a lot of art books, mostly those on jewelry. There are bead books, Precious Metal Clay books and Jewelry design books. There are hardbacks and softcovers, and the books are on the website with prices. The entire list is on the site–there won’t be more.

The beads are still in process. I’ll be selling them in Lots by size and color. The first set are up, all size 11s.  I’ll be putting new pictures and more beads up every day until they are all sold, so check back from time to time. Bead Lots are available on the website. All beads will be sent in plastic bags, even if they are shown in jars. All packages will be sent US Priority Mail.

Contact information is on each page of the website.

One thought on “Moving Sale–Beads and Books

  1. Good idea to sell them on the internet Quinn. Next summer we will be moving from Prague CZ to another country (don’t know where to yet) and after this summer I will sort out clothing and perfumes to give to a lady who will make sure it will find a new destination.
    The idea to give away perfumes that are still very good I have from you.

    We won’t be selling anything via internet though, for from CZ this is too complicated.

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