The Multiple Cat Box

Veterinarians will tell you that each cat needs a kitty litter box. Some even recommend an extra box, so two cats need three boxes. I don’t know how big your house is, but mine will not hold four kitty litter boxes for my three cats. On the other hand, one of my cats, who was abandoned in a closet, will only use the cleanest box. If it’s not clean enough, he will find a clean spot on the floor. So I’ve had to keep the boxes meticulously clean.

kitty litter box for 3 cats

kitty litter box for 3 cats

Now, once we moved, the boxes are lined up in the laundry room. I was using smaller boxes, the space is small. One of the cats, a hefty 20-pounder, can pee squatting down, but for some reason, he began to stand on his toes and pee over the edge of the box. I was lining the floor with painter’s tarpaulin to protect the floor. I could not move the boxes any place else–the guest bath didn’t have enough floor space, and the master bath is carpeted. Don’t ask.

I went to a local big-box (pun fully intended) pet store to find the solution. And there it was–a giant kitty litter box. With high sides. I decided that one box suited me, and if the cats could get used to it, it would be a big improvement. I purchased “World’s Best Kitty Litter,” although the name did not impress me. The litter is made of corn, is absorbent and has almost no dust.

World's Best Kitty Litter is just that.

World's Best Kitty Litter is just that

And I bought something that embarrassed even me–a box of kitty litter box wipes. They work. One of the things that makes a kitty litter box smell is the urine that dries on the side of the pan. Once a day, I use a wipe to clean around the walls of the kitty litter box, and toss the wipe out with the scooped material. Because the box is in the laundry room, it’s easy for me to scoop often, and important to keep the small room smelling clean. The combination of the litter, the big box and the wipes works.

I installed a cat-door on the door to the laundry room, and all three cats are learning how to use it. One big box is much easier to clean, and the World’s Best Kitty Litter doesn’t smell as much as the clumping stuff, doesn’t make nearly as much dust, and the cats don’t mind stepping into it as much as regular litter.

All of this seems trivial unless you own multiple cats. I’ll admit that three cats is the outer edge of sanity. One more, and I’ll have to grow my hair in a bun and line my hat with aluminum foil. But for now, for all three of them and one of me, we are happy. And that’s saying a lot.

—Quinn McDonald owns three cats who love living in the Phoenix area. She is a writer and a certified creativity coach. (c) 2008 All rights reserved.