Pizza for Supper

Every Sunday, we have pizza for supper. My husband makes a wicked good wheat crust, and the refrigerator gets scoured for meat and vegetable sources for the top of the pizza. Cheese, often small leftovers of various kind, get added and so does a homemade tomato sauce.

Homemade pizza from KentCooks!

Homemade pizza from KentCooks!

Some weekends, it’s a traditional pizza–mushroom, sausage, just wonderfully fresh tomatoes. Our “everything” pizza is the ingredients equivalent of the Mid-Western hotdish, the German-community Auflauf, and the East Coast casserole. It’s always delicious, you have to combine the right ingredients, not just clean the fridge.

It’s always good, whether with a special green salad, bottle of wine, or followed by an incredible dessert. Life is good.

—Quinn McDonald, a certified creativity coach, is married to a personal chef. See her work at See his work at