The 1000 Journals Project

The Phoenix Art Museum was host to the 1,000 Journals Project. Today, the museum ran a documentary about the project, with commentary afterward by the documentary filmmaker, Andrea Kreuzhage.

the 1000 journal project is a book and a DVD

the 1000 journal project is a book and a DVD

Here’s the story: In June of 2000, a graphic designer, known in this project as Someguy, had an idea for a collaborative art project. He would distribute 1,000 blank journals, allow people to fill them in any way they wanted to, and return them to him. Read the rest of the review of the book and documentary.

Read about the 1000 journal project.

See if the film will be shown at a location near you.

Quinn McDonald is a life- and creativity coach and journal keeper.

5 thoughts on “The 1000 Journals Project

  1. I looked through the Museum’s site–couldn’t find the Journals exhibit, but I did see the info on Charting the Canyon, the photo exhibit about the Grand Canyon. I didn’t realize that they combined Weston and some of the other great photographers of the past with a twist by current photographers. Sounds interesting.

    • Well, I didn’t think of this when I put it up, but since it was over yesterday, they would have taken it down already. I’ll post some links in the original post. There will be one to the project itself and one for the documentary Andrea did. Both are really interesting.

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