Map Your Life

Maps have always fascinated me. Back in the day, maps were paper, and people found them hard to fold. When I was small enough to have road maps extend beyond the reach of my outstretched arms, I discovered that all the road maps folded the same way, and figured out how to re-fold them in seconds.  When I was at the gas station, I’d go around to people’s cars, folding their maps for them. I earned more than a few nickles.

Maps in your journals don’t have to be precise in distance, just in memories. Here’s a map from a trip last fall. I drove from Phoenix to L.A.


Quinn McDonald is a writer, life- and creativity coach who teaches journal keeping and business communications.  Visit my other website: Raw Art Journaling.

6 thoughts on “Map Your Life

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  2. Quinn, I wonder where your fascination with maps comes from.

    When my husband and I drive through countries in Europe I am the mapreader. We just don’t like to use those navigation systems in cars.

    I’m a big fan of Michelin maps. For long trips over the highways best are the simple maps that have the main details on them and for daytours Michelin has excellent detailed maps.

    We love to travel. I am just not handy in folding maps and you making money folding them is really a smart idea! :))


    • Maps, particularly paper ones, fascinate me. I’m the navigator on our motorcycle rides. A sense of direction is a gift, and I was lucky enough to have been born with it. My next journaling course will be on map-making. –Q

  3. I love maps too. “Map” means a lot of different things. Some of my favorites:
    Prairy Erth, by Wm. Least Heat Moon, is “a deep map”.
    Philippe Gonzalvez made an Egomap of his own face.
    Hans Rosling “maps” information. (this link opens a video)
    Wonderful book: The Ghost Map
    Another wonderful book; although it does not overtly appear to have anything to do with maps or computer software, it’s about both and is the most useful book I own.

    In my technical career, the best brains have always addressed the world in terms of maps. The solutions to interesting problems lie in their solution spaces.

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