Words? Content. Images? Context

Although it’s meant as personal art, raw art journaling also has practical purposes. It can be used in keeping notes so people understand them better (often called by the biz.jargon name visual facilitation). The reason raw art works–both personally and professionally–is that we process and understand ideas using our left brains, and understand emotionally using our right brain. Full brain understanding with content and context.PowerPoint, originally designed to allow engineers to talk to marketing, is an example of the result of increasing content and reduced context. Endless bullet points instead of simple images is death by PowerPoint. Add emotional understanding through images and you not only “get it,” you keep it gotten. As it were.If you just heard this as a presentation, you’d still be guessing. But animation and images, and. . . .you understand it.

Quinn McDonald is a writer and creativity coach. She as a website describing her business side at QuinnCreative.

Her other website, Raw-Art-Journals, is about her art life. Follow Quinn on Twitter.

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