April is Fake Journal Month

The instant I saw this idea on Roz’s blog, I loved it. Roz is Roz Stendahl, a graphic designer and illustrator in Minnesota, and she created Fake Journal Month in 2001. Why keep a fake journal? Here’s what Roz said in her blog post on March 23,:

If you have to ask why then maybe it isn’t for you. Maybe you haven’t ever wondered what your life would have been if you had entered the Peace Corps or become White House Press Secretary like you planned? Maybe you don’t want to explore the day to day thoughts of the inventor of Never-fade Flavor-packed Chewing Resin (patent pending).

But if like me you are always wondering, “what if?” then it makes perfect sense.

Where else can you have so much fun for only the cost of a journal and a few art supplies? (Well OK, you can have that much fun simply keeping your regular journal, but this is different!)

Fake Journal Month is the brainchild of Roz Stendahl

Fake Journal Month is the brainchild of Roz Stendahl

At first, the idea of a “fake” journal startled me, until I caught on that it was a fiction journal, an alternate universe/time/personality–a way to try on someone else’s life and explore. Like Roz, I love the idea of  “what if?”

I also love it because it is a perfect example of raw art–something that is meaningful and pushes you deeper into your art–that place you make meaning without a lot of fancy equipment, kits, or brand-name purchases. Any pencil, paper, pen, eraser will do.

Over at Pentamento’s blog, work as already begun.  She was poking  around a book store and, in addition to finding a new pencil, found an old book. “I will turn the clock back and take the persona of Kate Haggerty, nearly 16 years old, student of Latin, Greek, fashion and boys.” It’s not that hard to leap into another’s life, particularly if you’ve secretly wanted to do it. The results are imagination on the run, and you should take a peek.

It’s a great idea, and April is a good time for an escape anyway. Disappear into another journal for a month. Discover who you aren’t.

—Quinn McDonald is a writer and certified creativity coach. She keeps a raw art journal, and is considering keeping a fake journal.