What’s a Creativity Incubator?

And Why Would You Want to Join? (No Worries. It’s Free.)
A Creativity Incubator is a safe place for every artist who is fanning the flame of creativity. Who refuses to make creative decisions through their checkbook so it will sell. Who want to make creative decisions from that deep place where life takes meaning and then takes wings.

Many artists want to sell their work, and I support that fully. But too many artists race into the marketplace with only the idea of “What can I make that sells?” That doesn’t make meaning, and too often, it doesn’t make a sale, either.

When you have the courage to create for the purpose of making meaning in your life–because you don’t find meaning, you make meaning–and only then decide whether or not we want to sell it, then you are a real artist.

A Creative Incubator Supports and Encourages Artists
Making meaning in your life is creative work that takes time, courage and encouragement. That is what the group will provide. This Creativity Incubator–QuinnCreative_RawArt–is a forum (a Yahoo Group, in this case) where you are encouraged to post your successes, your projects, your creative thoughts.

You’ll be able to post images of your work, comment on other people’s posts and pictures, try out new ideas, point others to creative sites you’ve found or own. You’ll be able to discuss classes you’ve taken or those you teach, and be with other artists to create a community.

Join the Creativity Incubator Now. Yes, It’s Free
Joining QuinnCreative_RawArt is free. All you need to do is  visit QuinnCreative_RawArt or click on the Yahoo link in the column on the right of this post. You’ll be taken to a Yahoo Group page and asked to sign up. To avoid spammers, your membership will need approval. Once you join the Group, you will be sent some basic rules about posting and encouraged to create an Album of your work. You can choose how much or how often to post. It’s always up to you.

Quinn McDonald is a certified creativity coach, writing trainer and a dedicated keeper of Raw Art journals.


4 thoughts on “What’s a Creativity Incubator?

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    • Because I hope to attract various creative people, there will be writers, painters, musicians. It might be interesting to post your work (or links to longer pieces) and get feedback from more than just writers. A creativity incubator is a place to work out creative problems in the formation of your work, including issues like plot and character development as well as not working regularly (or too much), choosing plot points for their commercial value, support from people who understand the difficulty of meaning making. I encourage people to join and ask for what they need in the way of emotional support and creative advice. The early joiners are all yakkers who are happy to reach out. –Q

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