Product Review: PanPastels

Pastels have never been my thing. They are too chalky, stick to my fingers, break, get all over everything. And I was completely wrong. I have discovered  soft PanPastels.

PanPastels in gray

PanPastels in gray

Soft, blendable and easy to apply, Pan Pastels have real sticking power. You apply them with a sponge applicator that looks like a makeup sponge. The company makes them in several shapes and sizes.

You can buy them individually, but they also come in groups of five, in plastic rounds that screw, bottom-to-top and make a handy stack to take with you.

Because I am currently on a black-and-white neutral kick, I ordered the five shades of gray. They blend with the use of a sponge on a stick and after a few minutes, won’t smear. I rubbed a paper towel across the colors, including the black, and got no rub-off.

I use the Pan Pastels in my journal, which means the pages rub against each other, but it

Blending is easy

Blending is easy

doesn’t matter–the color stays put.  To get the color off, I had to use an electric eraser. They blend for backgrounds, creating sweeps and veils of color. You can buy a variety of tools for application.

Available from serveral art supply stores including Dick Blick, they cost about $5.00 each, or come in pre-selected sets of five, 10 and 20 in various shades. Sets of five are $18.49; sets of 10 are $34 and sets of 20 are $65.

Quinn McDonald is a writer and creativity coach. She teaches seminars and workshops in writing skills and raw-art-journals.

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