Creative Fun Friday

Twitter has “Follow Friday,” where folks recommend smart, clever or fun people to follow on Twitter. I’m having Creative Fun Friday, some links that are interesting, clever, or fun.

NOTE: If you like creative play, I’ve done it again on Theme Thursday.

Julie (Amy Adams) cooks up all of Julia Child’s recipes set against the backstory of how Julia Child created her groove.  Meryl Streep is Julia Child. Stanley Tucci is Paul Child. Nora Ephron wrote the screenplay. A movie for foodies. See the Julie/Julia trailer.

Tricia is a designer who loves food. She’s even done a book on food design.

For all you raw-art-journal lovers, some great raw art from around the web:

Derwent Inktense pencils

Derwent Inktense pencils

–On Flickr, A Cat’s nest has purple haze in ink pencils. Ink pencils? Yes, Derwent makes them. These are called inktense, a water-soluble pencil hard enough to draw fine lines, color-laden enough to give a good ink-like wash.

Think that raw art could never work for travel journals? Take a look at Doeki’s “Giza in Binary” over on Flickr. Change your perspective, change your mind.

Over at Doodlage, Ra-Shell is ramping up a doodling contest. The sign-up is over, but you can keep an eye on it and have some fun on your own. Raw-art journalers, doodler, start your Pitt Pens!

David Fullerton belongs to Doodlers’ Anonymous. You might not be addicted to doodling, but you’ll be addicted to looking at the work.

Kate Bingaman-Burt is a doodler, journaler, and obsessive consumer. She combines it all with words, images and links on her blog.

And if you are here looking for something to do with your kids, DaisyYellow has two activity lists. This is the link to the second one, because it includes the link to the first.

Have fun and don’t throw away those doodle pages!

Quinn McDonald is a writer, creativity coach, and raw-art-journal keeper. She runs workshops in writing, journaling and raw-art-journals for people who can’t draw.