Creative Play: Theme Thursday 5/14/09

Thursdays are good play days. Especially creative play. So here is a round-up of ideas, how-tos, and other creative play.

I’ve started QuinnCreative’s end of the 1001 Journals Project. I’ve registered four red journals, and they are starting to circulate. Themes are:

  • Travel (real and imagined)
  • Dreams (Daydreams count)
  • Summer in Phoenix
  • Unthemed for people who have their own ideas.

I’ll be posting who has the journals and updates of where they are as well as images. A full first posting will be up on this blog on Monday, May 18. Yes, you can participate.

Wonder how all that color gets swirled onto shibori silk? Sue Bleiweiss demos on this video. Watch, and you’ll want to do it, too. Best of all, at the end, you see the finished product. Nice touch!

I often wonder how other people do raw art, or doodling. Is it planned? Here’s an interesting step-by-step from Joyfuldia.

Nell Greenfieldboyce is a constant doodler; she says it helps her concentrate. She’s a science report for NPR, and this video shows her doing some fast abstract work. You’ll have to click on the blue/white/black video on the left side, halfway down the page. It won’t let me copy it. Which is fine, because then you can read “Oodles of Doodles” on the same page, it discusses the benefits of doodling.

Modern Gypsy has a great art journal, the link goes to a page of type and navigation tips. If you are in a hurry, just click the butterfly on the bottom right corner.

Gustav Klimt was a dreaming raw-art painter. I love looking at his work for a long time, seeing the colors first, the shapes next, the whole effect washing over me. Here is the picture of the month, but I prefer the whole gallery, where you can choose to enlarge images.

Pete’s Pond is in Botswana, Africa. You can be there, too, and watch what’s happening at the pond day and night. You can see interesting things at night, too. The camera zooms in, centers zebras, owls, and occasional food-chain incidents.

If you enjoyed these, and missed last week’s, enjoy it, too.


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