Watercolor Pencils: Derwent Graphitint

Journaling makes you a “take-it along” junkie. You purchase an amazing amount of portable, flexible pens and pencils.

A great technique is to take watercolor pencils and draw with them. You can create washes by using a brush dipped in water, or, even better, a portable watercolor brush, like Aqauaflow.

If you prefer graphite pencils, but want to add a bit of color, think Derwent Graphitint pencils. They go on like a soft graphite, but with a hint of color. A simple wash of a wet brush produces a much richer, deeper color.

The pencils are subtle, so I scribbled a sample of each pencil in my journal, then did it again, but this time, used a watercolor brush to go over it. Handy reference, and a great way to explain the pencils to people watching me use them.

Want more intense, transparent color? Read my review on Derwent Inktense pencils.

Derwent Graphitint

Derwent Graphitint

–Quinn McDonald keeps journals, teaches journaling and raw-art journaling for people who can’t draw but want to keep art journals.

2 thoughts on “Watercolor Pencils: Derwent Graphitint

  1. As I’m just getting back into drawing I like these sorts of recommendations from the folks who use them products. Another tool for the kit – thanks Quinn.

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