Theme Thursday #4: 5/28/09

It’s time for Theme Thursday: pick a subject you love, find three websites that do a good job about that topic and pass it on.

Here’s a creative website that proves if you know your audience, they will follow you–into the loo. I’ve been at longer movies and had to go the bathroom but was afraid I’d miss a pivotal scene. Worry no longer.  RunPee is a website that tells you when there’s a scene that isn’t pivotal and you can go to the bathroom without losing an important plot point. It not only tells you how long into the movie it is, it also provides visual and verbal clues.

Mattias Adolfsson is a visual journaler who’s a genius with a pencil and his brain. Browse through is amazingly detailed images created in a parallel universe.

Kevin Jenne uses color and form for interesting results. The saturated colors and focus on architecture and people create a powerful effect.

Traveling Journals Update: From the Unthemed journal, page 4-5, from “Journey”  in Sedona.

Unthemed Journal, p.4-5 Peg Cole, artist

Unthemed Journal, p.4-5 Peg Cole, artist

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Quinn McDonald is a writer and certified creativity coach.

Quinn is participating in the 1001 Journals Project.

See more about the journals and images from two journals.

2 thoughts on “Theme Thursday #4: 5/28/09

  1. RunPee has got to be one of the most unique sites I’ve seen. I told my daughter who works in a movie theatre. She’s going to check it out, thinks it might come in handy at work. She thanks you for posting the link.

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