Traveling Journals Update

The Travel-themed Journal has just gone out again. These are the latest additions to the journal pages, done by Helen R, in Mesa, AZ.

NOTE: On October 12, 2009, the Traveling Journal Project has entered a new phase. The new project is called The PostScript project. Have you left something unsaid? Wish you’d said something different? Now you can.

Read more about the PostScript project.

Travel journal, pages 2-3

Travel journal, pages 2-3

Travel Journals, page 4-5

Travel Journals, page 4-5

Travel Journal, pages 6-7

Travel Journal, pages 6-7

2 thoughts on “Traveling Journals Update

  1. Nice entrees, but all from the same person? Do you have waiting lists for all the journals now? Looking forward to when one of those journals lands in my mail box!

    • Yes, these are all from one person. I find that when people get started, they want to continue. I’m fine with that. It doesn’t slow down the journals, and I will eventually add more journals anyway. The Travel Journal does have a longer waiting list than the others, but they are all circulating.

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