Why I Dropped Earthlink for GoDaddy

Finally, I was tired of the poor customer service at Earthlink, my website host. The hour wait before you talked to a customer service rep. The tired, angry help you got.  I am impressed that their outsourced reps speak grammatical English, I certainly don’t speak Hindi, but real communication was difficult. They did not seem to understand my questions and read from a script. They did not imagesunderstand “Please?” or “Say again?” to mean “Please repeat that.” If I said, “I don’t understand” they took it as a cultural lack on my part instead of my letting them know that I’m a techno-dope.

Worst of all, they had very few Mac-speakers. Maybe other Apple-geeks don’t need customer service. But I did. And I would be lost in a world of “right-click” and “open IE now.” The final straw came when an “update” to Earthlin’s website builder made it impossible for me to add to my site unless I used InternetExplorer as a browser.

GoDaddy was incredibly helpful, fast and efficient. OK, cheaper, too. My email was offline for less than an hour, my site was down for less than three hours. The longest wait was waiting for the cache to update, which was not GoDaddy’s problem, but Cox Cable’s.

Everytime I phone GoDaddy, I get speedy, efficient, patient help that works. Waiting times are usually less than three minutes. I have had one less than ideal experience, and I simply thanked the service rep for his help and placed another call.

After nine years of having one site, I needed to separate my art site from my business site. There were too many similarities, confusion in what I was teaching and where–if I was a business writing trainer, why was a course at an art store? If I teach art journaling, why did I list a utility as a client?

So now there are two websites: QuinnCreative.com is the business site for business training, pencilspeaking, freelance writing, and business coaching.

Raw-Art-Journals.com is the site for the Traveling Journals, creativity coaching, and classes in art journaling.

Please visit them and let me know what you think. If you find a typo, please let me know, but be specific.