Marriage Celebrant: I Do

Change is life. What were you doing a year ago? Are you still doing the same thing now? What’s new about you? What are you doing now that you didn’t do a year ago? We’ve had a housing collapse, people are losing their jobs. People are re-thinking their lives, what makes them happy, how to hold onto that happiness.

imagesBecause I coach people in change, help them re-invent themselves, I have added something new to my coaching–officiating at marriage or commitment ceremonies. I’ve received the paperwork I need to officiate at marriages in all 50 states. A special ceremony, a custom ceremony, traditional or contemporary–I can not just officiate, I can help you prepare for it, spiritually and emotionally.

I’m performing my first ceremony on July 18 in New Hampshire. I live in Phoenix, but travel from Sky Harbor airport is convenient.

In times when trust is worn thin and hope is a thread, I want to help people who choose to honor their vision and trust in themselves and their partners. Life might be harder, but a ceremony of trust deserves a special preparation. You can find the details on a new page on my website.

Tell me about your wedding, and how you are making it work in today’s tough world.

Quinn McDonald is a writer, wedding celebrant, and life- and creativity coach, helping people re-invent themselves.