Journal Prompts: Quotes and Notes

Theme Thursday, normally here on this day, is on vacation. You can see last week’s here; it has a list of previous ones as well.

This week, you’ll find some  journal prompts and a few quotes that you might want to use with your art, whether it’s raw art or your own favorite kind. Your journal becomes more precious when the pages are filled with meaning-making.

Balloon Man, Ink on paper, Q. McDonald © 2009

Balloon Man, Ink on paper, Q. McDonald © 2009

1. I went to college for a really good reason [fill that reason in here.] And right after college, I [put down what you did–got a good job, a crummy one, moved in with your parents, etc.] for this reason __________.  Looking back, I would _________.

2. When I was younger here is what I thought would make me whole and fulfilled: [make the list as long as you like.] Now that I’m older, here is what would make me whole and fulfilled. [Write this list next to the other one. See how many match up. What do you think that means?]

3.  Write your thoughts on this quote from Anne Lamott: “I got a lot of things that society had promised would make me whole and fulfilled–all the things that the culture tells you, from preschool on, will quiet the throbbing anxiety inside you. I got some stature, the respect of other writers, even a low-grade fame. The culture says these things will save you,, as long as you also manage to keep your weight down. But the culture lies.”

4. You can do this on a double page. On one side, write the headline, “My heart says. . .” and fill up the page with what your heart says. On the other side, write the headline, “My head says. . .” and fill up that page. See if you understand how come you have so many tugs o’ war with yourself.

If you’d like, post your responses or links to your blog posts with journal entries.

–Quinn McDonald is a writer and raw-art journaler. She also teaches business employees how to talk to each other and get clarity.

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