Wedding in New Hampshire

The rain stopped, the sun came out just hours before the wedding. The bride and groom had met in the Peace Corps, and now, at a lake in New Hampshire, they joined their lives.

Meghann and Brad

Meghann and Brad

The bride was the flower girl in my wedding to her uncle. Twenty-two years later, I was honored to be the celebrant at their wedding. It was a fitting part of the circle of life to stand with them as they chose each other.

Waiting for the bride

Waiting for the bride

My stole was made by Roz Hannibal, who did an incredible job of designing, dying the material, and sewing a wonderful celebratory piece. The bride’s father has a green thumb, the garden and borders were incredible. He must have worked all the wet, cold spring and early summer to make them happen.

Stone wall and Impatients

Stone wall and Impatients

Fence and flowers

Fence and flowers

Quinn's stole

Quinn's stole

8 thoughts on “Wedding in New Hampshire

  1. How wonderful of you to share this highlight with us! Surely, it was a day of many blessings which, I hope, they will experience all the days of their lives.
    All best wishes for the celebrant too!

  2. Such a lovely day. Lovely weather, breathtaking place (oh, I love those flowers), happy bride and groom. It must truly have been a special moment for you and them, being so closely connected as you are. What priceless memories you now have. And the stole is truly a work of art. Perfect for celebrating.

  3. What a gorgeous setting and circle to be part of. Congratulations to everyone!

    The blue sky was a special blessing in this summer of rain.

  4. Oh, how lovely Quinn!!

    I am with my daughter at the moment, to help her through the last days of the radiation/radiology? therapy and it is not easy for the both of us. Now watching these photos of such a happy wonderful day with you as the celebrant being part of an important circle in life in such a beautiful garden, done with so much love and care, I suddenly feel so much more cheerful for I feel sure that wonderful things will also happen again in our lives.

    So nice to see you there. Beautiful stole too.


    • Yes, I felt the power of the garden, too. It is a hopeful place of growth and extravagant color and rebirth. My best to both you and your daughter, a wish of strength and hope. –Q

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